Our Story

Established in Indonesia in 2015 with a passion to create a range of prime hygiene products for personal care & household needs. Besides its effectiveness, we’re not forgetting the whole look. We make sure each product looks great on the countertop, even to be photographed. 

With 3 pillars values that we stand up for, we believe that CREATIVITY, SAFETY, and SUSTAINABILITY takes a big deal in our growth. 

Created with the mind of originality. All of our innovative products are always one step ahead to deliver a range of hygiene care products that could make people's lives easier and better.

From laboratory to consumer, dr soap always develops products with safe ingredients that ensure a satisfactory long-term effect which is safe for any age and environment.

We believe in people-powered action. Together we raise people’s awareness about health access, hygiene education, and environmental conservation to give future generations the same benefits that we enjoy today.

We care a great deal about what we’re bringing into our daily routine. Every dr soap products are developed with premium plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients, free from harsh chemicals, biodegradable, eco-friendly, halal-certified, concentrated, chlorine-free, paraben-free, phosphate-free, cruelty-free, using FSC label on the product, and professionally-made. We work hard creatively to supply many useful products that can be used for you, professional care, hospital, and health care.

Up until early 2022, tons of awards and recognition have been obtained. From being nominated in ‘Sociolla Award 2020 for Best Hand Care’, winning ‘Earth-Friendly Advocate at Sirclo Award’ for 2 consecutive years, until chosen for ‘Best Hand Sanitizer at Tokopedia Beauty Awards 2021’. Not to mention ranked ‘#1 Best Recommendation Handwash 2020 & 2021 by Google’, ‘#5 Tokopedia Customer’s Choice’ for Store-Household category, and ‘#16 Tokopedia Best-Selling Product’ for Home care category. All of these achievements have fueled our spirit to be bigger and better.



Every big idea started with a purpose, and dr soap’s was simple: To contribute to a better healthy life by meeting the needs of daily hygiene.

It all started in the year 2015.

Back then, two sisters – Eunike and Stefanie – found out that Indonesia's awareness on personal hygiene is fairly low and decided to take action by launching a range of prime products for personal care and household needs. A true creative partnership was formed and dr soap brand became a reality.

Eunike and Stefanie came from different backgrounds but made a powerful duo when combined. Eunike – with her public relations and media marketing background – believed that dr soap should be faithful to its marketing promise “powerful in killing germs yet safe for the consumers”. Through her travel & experiences, Stefanie and her genius product concept and design chose to wrap dr soap in a stunning packaging, making it visually gorgeous when photographed or even uploaded to social media. These two concepts were uncommon for the market at that time but they were the core of the dr soap that we all know today.

The beginning of their journey was not an easy one as raising people’s awareness on personal hygiene couldn’t happen in just a day or even a year. However, Eunike and Stefanie are still holding on to their dream & vision that dr soap will become everyone’s daily needs. So, they kept creating new innovations every year to meet the market’s demand as well as educating the people about the importance of maintaining hygiene.

And the two sisters finally reaped the rewards of their hard work. Since 2017, dr soap has grown rapidly, expanded with new partners, and collaborated with hundreds of finest retail stores in dozens of cities across Indonesia. They are also proud to be pumping in some of the most exciting restaurants, cafes, and other public places, too; supported by the innovative products, high quality and eco-friendly ingredients, advanced formulation technology, and highly positive laboratory test results. They actively seek to improve the sustainability of their packaging and production, ease of re-use and recycling.

Today dr soap has enjoyed the warm welcome from our fellow Indonesians and is well-known as the pioneer of premium hygiene products.