Q: Will dr soap products aggravate sensitive skin?

A: Skin sensitivities can be unpredictable. If you have experienced a reaction, we recommend you stop using the product.


Q: Are dr soap products safe?

A:  All cleansing products use surfactants which that comply with the 'ultimate biodegradability' and therefore are compatible with septic tank waste systems. Our products are also phosphate-free and are therefore suitable for use in water-recycling systems. No dr. soap product contains colorants, artificial fragrances, silicones or pearlized agents. Every dr soap products are biodegradable, concentrated, eco-friendly and professionally-made.


Q: Do dr soap products have an expiry date?

A: The label on your dr. soap product displays an icon near to the barcode number. This icon informs how many months your product will be at its best.


Q: How should I keep my dr soap products?

A: We recommend you keep your products in a cool place (room temperature) away from direct sunlight. 


Q: Do I need an account with dr soap to place an order?

A: You do not need to create an account to shop online; rather, you can purchase as a guest. However, creating an account will allow you to move more swiftly through the purchasing process: you will be able to save your personal details, store multiple delivery addresses, peruse past orders, update subscription details and receive special dr. soap customer event invitations and new product information.


Q: How do I apply for a position with dr soap?

A: To apply for a position, please drop us your cv/resume at: ask@dr-soap.com


Q: Can I stock dr. soap at my place of business?

A: Please visit our Retail/Wholesale/Partnership Enquiry page.


Q: Can I purchase dr.  soap products as corporate gifts?

A: Sure, we can. Please visit our Corporate Gifts Enquiry page.


Q: Can I send an order to another country?

A: Unfortunately, no. We don't do international shipping at the moment. (Sorry)


Q: When can I expect to receive my order?

A: Please visit our Deliveries page.


Q: Can I exchange an item purchased online at dr soap webstore?

A: All items must be returned unopened and in their original saleable condition to be eligible for exchange. Please refer to our Shipping and Returns Policy for further information regarding returns and exchanges.


Q: What are dr soap shipping rates?

A: You can find the rates at www.jne.co.id

*We currently do not ship overseas(sorry). See our locations page for store information and online retailers.