Why our smartphone is dirty?

Want to hear something scary? Halloween's ghouls, ghosts and zombies have nothing on your smartphone. That little electronic device of yours can be downright frightening. Frighteningly germy, that is.

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Think about it. We take our cell phones everywhere. They live in our pockets and purses, rubbing up against loose change and the receipt from the gas station. We use them almost everywhere, and set them on nearly any available surface – the kitchen counter, the table at a café, a park bench. We even share them with others. We pull them out not only to make calls, but also to share videos, play games, send emails and check on our Instagram friends and Twitter followers. Our smartphones are indeed our constant companions, and they are exposed to many bacteria.

Add to this frenzy of activity the fact that germs thrive in warm places. Not only does your smartphone generate its own heat, but it also gets some help from your own body heat by spending time in your hands and next to your mouth. Plus, not many people think to disinfect their phones. It's no wonder, then, that smartphones are prime breeding grounds for bacteria. Typical phones have more bacteria than your office workspace, and some have even more than a toilet seat. Now that's scarier than any chain-saw massacre or drowned girl crawling out of a TV.

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How to Keep Your Kids Healthy This School Year

Back to School Time Brings Germs

It’s back to school season, which unfortunately (lots of times) means It’s Back To Being Sick season. And that stinks.

Preventing sickness — the common cold, pink eye, hand-foot-mouth, the flu, and respiratory illness — is really easy to do.

You just need to WASH YOUR HANDS and regularly disinfect surfaces! That’s it!

In case you weren’t sure of what number has that many zeros, it’s TRILLION.



It’s a big deal. And I tell my kids that when they pick their nose, it’s “their nose’s poop.” Gross, yes, but it gets the point across. As far as I’m concerned you can’t ever really wash your hands too much.

Another thing that I learned from the CDC representative is that hand sanitizer is not a substitute for hand washing. It will do the job in a pinch, but the best thing is to always use running water and soap.

War on Germs

I do try to keep our own home as germ-free as I can, and I do purposely wipe down the door knobs, light switches, remotes, and hand-held screens pretty often with dr. soap HandWash.
I’m going to continue to do this, but I’m going to also really try to round up the kids as often as I can to wash their hands. I’m also going to make a very concerted effort to wash hands before we eat anything — this can be tricky on a busy Saturday afternoon when we are grabbing food on the run, or are hanging out at the mall.
But I’m convinced.
Hand washing is easy, and it’s cheap.
What about you? Do you have a plan of attack to keep the germs from invading your home this Back to School season?